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About Us MarketingPk

MarketingPk is Lahore based company since 2010 that offer excelling professional services for SMS Marketing and Email Marketing. Promote Your Business according to the objectives of the client is a very delicate job and demands deep understanding of corporate needs and trends of market.

Our professionals make SMS Ad through number of characters and different expertise. We offer diverse expertise’s which are converged in perfect balance to create a SMS Ad that could serve the objectives of the client.  SMS Marketing, Branded SMS Marketing, Email Marketing, Facebook Likes, Non Branded SMS Marketing, API SMS and the SEO are some inevitable ingredients that need to put in website creation in highly professional way.

MarketingPk is very cost friendly and our edge over our competitors is that we have developed a team of the professionals who have excelled in their respective fields. We provide services which ensure you to achieve perfect Advertising with all advanced features and tools.. We keep our clients with us to put in all that you have in your mind about your SMS Marketing. We provide you edge over your competitors in a very professional way.

MarketingPk stands different because we put the soul and spirit of the business in our SMS Marketing that spell bound visitor to stay and explore. All the SMS AD are almost same but what makes a SMS AD prestigious and sublime is its making. We believe in understanding your business and our Marketing Experts go deep into the nature and Unique Selling points of the business to create such a SMS AD that could convey the message strongly with complete impression.

A successful SMS Marketing AD gives you a good and profitable business, truly interprets your working, and broadens your market, brand identity and much more; Better SMS Marketing AD can add new dimensions to your presentations and offerings!


Why choose MarketingPk

Our team is the leader in SMS Marketing and offering all SMS solutions for keeping your SMS AD effective to serve your purpose. We are very hands-on and responsive to our clients. With your input and feedback, our professional staff will customize the best web-based solutions to meet your needs for today and tomorrow.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide services based on professional expertise and advanced technologies that could deliver the perfect and effective  services to our clients all over the world.


Our mission

Our mission is to contribute high quality services to win the fulfillment, conviction and unshakable loyalty of our clients through our outstanding services.



Our services include Non Branded SMS, Branded SMS, Email Marketing, Facebook Likes Providing services and SEO Services.


Business experience

In our portfolio there are number of satisfied clients that prove out successful business experience.


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